Armed crooks brutally attack Adil convoy

By Bida Elly David

The governor of Central Equatoria State alongside his convoy has this week encountered brutal attack by unknown militias along Mangala highway following their return from Gubernatorial inspection of the security situation in Bilinyang of Mangala Payam.

In a statement seen by No.1.Citizen Daily Newspaper on Friday, Andruga Mabe Severio, the state minister of information said, the armed crooks were militias, land grabbers whose intention was to cause destruction to the state’s leadership.   

“The attack was deliberately planned and launched by some individuals and armed section of individuals who have decided among themselves to grab all Bari land extending from Rodoru area up to Mangala payam headquarters,” he said.

Andruga said that the armed militia crooks were group of anti-peace who are reportedly known of destroying Mangalla being an upcoming business scope for all citizens of Central Equatoria State especially the Bari people.

He added that the crooks never feared the gubernatorial well-armed convoy that went in company of the governor noting that they bravely waged the attack without fear or favor.

Minister Severio said that the escorting forces of the governor demonstrated their tactical military skills teaching the wild folks the brain of the marines saying that the authority consists of security boys capable of executing necessary intelligence.

Furthermore, Andruga said that the self-proclaimed militias were formerly accused of causing heinous insecurity in Gondokoro involving forceful grabbing of spaces and looting properties.

However, Andruga did not reveal whether cases of casualties or death were experienced among the escorting team of the governor for the gubernatorial mission.

At the same note, Andruga also failed to clarify how government managed to expel the armed militias from exchanging bullets with the authority.

“When the governor stopped with the convoy at Mori Boma, the community leaders pointed fingers of accusation towards some men in uniform who have developed systematic attacks and attitudes as land grabbers,” he said.

Minister Andruga underscored that the elders further echoed that the armed organized personnel have been utilizing the states resources to kill, loot and arrest them as well as forcing them for unwanted displacement.

“They also said that those people played passive roles in labelling them as rebels while grabbing their land with impunity. The governor and his deputy have called on the citizens especially the community leaders to build trust and encourage inhabitants to return home,” Andruga added.

In continuation, Andruga jagged that the state has laid a plan to fish the stubborn wild folks with all necessary strategies aimed at dropping them into the cup of law.

He said that the state government will not tolerate any rubbish while having the security enforcement capable of tuning the stubborn flies to dance according to the tune of the authority.

Andruga said that they remain committed towards working for peace in Central Equatoria state calling on the citizens to exercise their commercial activities to improve their standard of living.

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