Peace monitors warn against interrupting peace accord

By Bida Elly David

Peace monitors have cautioned South Sudan top political leaders to the unity government against interrupting the accord and agreed to invest joint efforts as monitors towards supporting the peace partners to expedite implementation of the extended peace roadmap to transition the country to democracy.

Over the weekend, the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar met with representatives from the peace monitoring bodies such as the reconstituted joint monitoring and evaluation commission (RJMEC), IGAD, the United Nations and the African Union (AU).

The representatives of the regional and international bodies discussed the status of the Revitalized Peace Agreement and the recent unilaterally issued Republican decree on the relieve of Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs and an Order swapping the concerned ministry with the Ministry of Interior.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, H.E. Dr. Ismail Wais, who is the (IGAD) Special Envoy for South Sudan, said they had discussed with H.E. the First Vice President about their grudges with the President over the recent ministerial swap and removal of Angelina suggesting amicable dialogue through the help of the peace partners.

 “We met with the First Vice President and discussed the matter and the Peace Agreement in general, we as peace monitors jointly encourage the leaders of South Sudan to work together in the “spirit of collegial collaboration” for the implementation of this agreement,” he said.

He said that the leaders should try their level best not to send the Country back to war but rather commit to resolve their differences to avoid public disorder of whatever kind.

“We have come to assure the people of South Sudan that, (IGAD), (AU), (UN), and (R-JMEC), are ready to support the people of South Sudan for the smooth implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement,” he said.

Dr. Ismail added that disagreement over positions would jeopardize efforts towards bringing peace and would break apart relationships and create more disputes and public disorder.

The IGAD envoy added that the only way to attain peace is through adoring the agreement signed and act according to the articles found not through powers of command or revenge.

However, the Office of the First Vice President didn’t bring forth Machar’s reaction towards the call of the peace monitors in their meeting.

The Peace monitors further urged the SPLM and the SPLM-IO to forget their grumbles and act according to the agreement formerly signed, noting that the rivals ought to show full interest and respect to the peace roadmap. 

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