Rumbek town lit by electricity power test

By Yang Ater Yang.

Rumbek town residents were on Saturday greeted by electric power energy as Lakes State authorities, in contribution with Trinity Energy Company and the Canal Egyptian team of engineers launched a test of the Rumbek electricity power station.

The testing will continue for a period of one week according to officials.

Minister of infrastructure, land and housing in Lakes State,   Mawet Manuer Kok told the media on Sunday that the government of Lakes State received a delegation from Juba that consist of Egyptian engineers and Trinity Corporation Company.

He said the purpose of their coming to Rumbek was to test the generator after which they will hand it over to the governor of Lakes State.

“We are very excited as people and government of Lakes State for this electricity power which we have been waiting for a very long time and particularly the community of Lakes State will enjoy this electricity as their property,” he said.

Egyptian engineer from Canal Company, Sammy Buwarda who was in charge of the power generator installations in Rumbek and Yambio respectively said that the engineering team came to Rumbek town for the installation and testing of the electricity power station.

“The Canal company has done an installation of electricity, and we are here to do the first testing of electricity in order to make the electricity operates”, he said.

The acting minister of information and communication in Lakes State, William Koji Kirjok said the company has delivered electricity power to the people of Rumbek town.

” Of course, it is one of our services the people are in need of, and the minister concern, the town mayor and commissioner of Rumbek Central county will be tasked with the responsibility of supervising this work”, he said.

Koji said they will be monitoring the operation of this power and of course with peace and stability in Lakes State, they need more.

“Of course, with peace and stability we need investors to come and feel at home, continue developing all the sectors that are good for them,” he said.

Minister Koji reiterated that South Sudan is for peace and development.

“Our neighbouring countries that are ready to support South Sudan you are welcome and we appreciate the Egyptian government for donating this power institution to the people of Lakes State particularly Rumbek Central county”, he noted.

According to Koji, the power generator was donated in 2009 and it got broken down saying the current Lakes State governor and State minister of physical infrastructure managed to revive the power station back to life.

Meanwhile, Trinity Energy Company, Engineer, Benjamin Gwynne said the Trinity energy company is committed to supporting the community of Rumbek.

“I would like to thank the president of the Republic of South Sudan for working to improve infrastructure in the country and also I would like to thank the governor of Lakes State for providing security in the country and working on power infrastructure improvement”, he said.

Benjamin said Trinity Energy Company is committed to supporting the community of Rumbek and meeting the needs of power demand for the people and making sure that power is back to the town.

“Trinity company staff are committed starting from the chairman to support the people of Rumbek, as you know the power sector still suffering and this is a huge gap in the power supply so this cannot be done by the government alone. It needs local companies to work with the government”, he noted.

For his part Rumbek town Mayor, Peter Maliap Chieny appreciated the Egyptian government for donating a power station to the people of Lakes State.

He said the electricity power supply will help people and businesses to flourish in Rumbek.

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