Juba Commissioner lambast security for condoning land grabbers

By Bida Elly David

The commissioner of Juba County has slammed security bodies across the Country on the account of releasing detained criminals related to land grabbing in the Country noting that he would at his level investigate and never give aid protecting the land in his County.

This development transpired during a peace trip hailed by governor Adil to Rejaf payam of Juba County hosting the vice president for service cluster as the guest of honour

Speaking during the event, Charles Joseph Wani, the commissioner of Juba County said that investigations revealed that most detained land grabbers handed over by the county authority to the security sector ended up being freed on unknown ground.

He said Juba County authority has never turned deaf ears to its citizens over complaints raised on the account of the land grabbing saga adding they have registered several cases but their efforts have been paralyzed by the security segment.

Commissioner Charles strongly criticized some individuals within the security sector for being behind the promotion of land-grabbing activities terming them national anti-developers.

He promised the citizens of Rejaf County to promote education and other sectors calling them to use the land for the purpose of transforming the County into a developed place for all but not for creating division.

“We are playing our role in dealing with land grabbers but we are so disappointed to see that even the criminals we arrest happen to be released by the security sectors in the Country. We have severally arrested many but wondering those officers behind their release,” he said

Mr Charles called on the people of Rejaf especially the payam administrators to be cautious over the issue concerning the random allocation of land to people to avoid brutal disputes.

He said that the County authority would continue hunting for the land grabbers and other criminals who use high officials to claim the County properties using their borrowed powers.

Juba county commissioner warned citizens within his jurisdiction of using force to acquire land urging them to apply legal acquisition procedures of ownership.

He further urged the youth to distance themselves from politics and rather engage in activities that would not harm their destiny.

“Young people should promote business and sports activities and distance themselves from the politics of division. The chiefs and Payam administrators should play their specific roles in managing their affairs to avoid division. If we find it out, things will not be the same,” he cautioned.

Commissioner Charles urged residents of Juba County especially those of Rejaf Payam to seriously work for peace and development.

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