Yei health committee to dispose expired drugs

By James Innocent

Yei county health department in collaboration with SUHA South Sudan and other health partners operating in Yei held a one-day meeting on the disposal of expired drugs registered by health organization, SUHA.

Malish Gordon Faustino, one of the storekeepers working for SUHA in Yei civil hospital said they have registered dozens of expired drugs together with the county health department compared to the previous ones.

“We as SUHA and the county health department have registered a good number of drugs that have expired compared to previous ones in the county health department store and this time we don’t have much drugs that have really expired and others got expired in the facility,” he said.

He said the drugs that got expired were donated by some of the donor health partners when their projects were ending up donating the drugs which are about to expire. 

The county health director, Michael Lugala Nicholas lauded the health department and partners for running up to date and advised medical workers to give drugs to the community before they expire.

“We are not supposed to leave drugs until they expire because drugs are very expensive in the market and these drugs are supposed to be given to some of the people in the community despite having few facilities operating on ground and if the donor heard that drugs expired in the hospital, they will ask us a question that why are we leaving drugs to expire since drugs are bought expensive to support the community,” he lamented.

Yei town Payam director, Araba Na Fox stated that most people are being sent to clinic to buy drugs while drugs are being expired in the store.

She advised the county health management committee to distribute the drugs to some of the health facilities lucking drugs.

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