Two killed including pregnant woman in Panyijiar County

By Yien Gattuor Mead

Two people, a man and a pregnant woman were killed on Wednesday evening at around 8:40 pm in Panyijiar County of Unity State.

Michael Lot, the Executive Director of Panyijiar County, told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Friday, that the two deceased were shot dead due to suspected revenge killing.

“The suspect who killed two people, pregnant woman and a man is now at Nya hospital, he was injured by the late during gun exchange,” he added.

According to the authorities, the incident may be a revenge killing.

“There was a brother of that guy who killed two people on Wednesday at Nya payam, his brother was killed last time by the deceased,” Lot added.

The authorities in Panyijiar County would carry out investigation after the suspect who killed two people recovers from the critical condition in the hospital.

“Now the security personnel were taken to the area where the incident started to overcome the situation, if there is any group that wants to launch attacks against other group, we don’t want that spirit from our community,” Lot said.

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