Education ministry warns against examination malpractices

By Bida Elly David

The national ministry of General Education and Instructions has warned invigilators and students against any examination malpractices in any of the centers and schools as statistics of 35,459 students started dotting their ink on their first paper yesterday.

Speaking during the opening of the first examination paper, Simon Nyok the secretary general of the national examination council said that there has been much improvement of a statistical figures of secondary candidates compared to last year.

He underscored that at least a statistic of 12,539 girls has registered for the Certificate of secondary education with much improvement compared to last year while boys still remain with the highest figure taking the lead with the statistical number of 22,920 respectively.

“We have encountered a highest number of candidates sitting for the certificate of secondary education compared to last year with a normal statistics of girls compared to last year. We are happy the number keeps on rising, at least over twelve thousand girls is a good number and we wish them the best in their examination,” he said. 

Nyok said 398 schools across the Country are currently centering and accommodating students in the current examination alongside competent supervisors, security personnel among others.

The Secretary General reiterated that despite the successful kick-off of the examination, there have been numerous challenges the council faced amid delivering examination to the conflict affected areas especially the Upper Nile region which was totally devastated.

“In terms of conflicts, we have not registered any concerns but we have been faced with serious challenges and tragedies while delivering examinations. Greater Upper Nile has places that were difficult to reach but through partners and our government, we were able to deliver them successfully,” he said.

Mr. Nyok called on students to desist from cases of malpractices through circulation of illegal papers within the hands of claimers noting that it would be of high risk if any sort of papers happens to fall under the custody of the security personnel.

Last year, 32,167 candidates sat for the Certificate of Secondary Education exams (CSE) with the statistics of 10,368 female candidates and 22,920 male across the Country.

He said that despite the fact that the statistics of the students who sat last year is less than the current one, there was a positive result where greater number passed with good grades to high institutions of learning.

Nyok also stated that there is hope that the current students will pass with flying colors based on the efforts majority of them invested in revising their books.

Meanwhile, Franco Bathuel, a candidate in one of the schools told No.1Citizen Daily Newspaper that he was ready to sit for the examination although they failed to complete the coverages due to time frame.

Making his reaction after the English paper, Franco said that the paper was friendly to him since he had put much effort revising his books.

He predicted that there is sure hope of passing the paper with high grade since he used the best of his time to revise as instructed by his masters.

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