Man shoots hyena dead in self-defense

By Yang Ater Yang

Authorities in Yirol East County of Lakes State confirmed that a man has killed a hyena which attacked his children who were sleeping outside their house because of too much heat at night in Nyang town of Yirol East county.

The incident occurred during midnight at 3:39 AM in Nhomlou residential area on Wednesday morning.

The executive director of Yirol East County in Lakes State Dhuor Apiu confirmed to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on phone about the killing of a hyena which attacked the family who were outside sleeping from their house in Yirol East town.

“Myself, I heard a lot of gunshots at night, and this morning, I sent security forces to the scene of incident to investigate and they found out that there was a hyena that attacked the family that was sleeping outside the house and that hyena was shot and killed by the father of the children who was acting on self-defense to protect his family and children from the wild hyena attack,” he said.

He said, the authorities of wildlife did not act to arrest the suspect who killed the hyena for investigation since the hyena was the one that attacked the family at night and was killed in self-defense by the head of the family.

The hyena killer suspect identified as Maker Wetnhiak Makur said, his children came under hyena attack at 3:39 AM while the children were sleeping outside in the compound.

He said, he shot and killed the hyena with 17 bullets but only 11 bullets landed on its body and killed the hyena just a short range.

“When I learned that the hyena is dead, I reported myself to wildlife authorities, early hours for investigation, but I couldn’t get them in their offices. So, I came back and removed the hyena from where it was killed and took it to the bush,” he said.

He said, the intention of the hyena was not to eat goats, but to eat my children because it did not attack the room where I am keeping the goats, but it attacked my children directly.

“When I was shooting at the hyena, my children were just behind me screaming and crying until I managed to kill the hyena, this is what happened,” he said.

He said, the incident happened at his house in Nhomlou residential area in Yirol East-county at 3:39 AM.

An Eye witness, Wol Terac said the hyena was killed while advancing toward the children inside the compound at 3:39 AM.

“I went to the house this morning, and I saw the hyena lying down where it was killed and I took photos, it was killed in self-defense by the head of household in its attempt to eat children,” he said.

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