NRA launches $2m budget for reconstruction of Tax Academy

By Ephraim Modi Duku Sokiri

The National Revenue Authority (NRA) has launched a two million United States Dollars project for the reconstruction of the South Sudan Taxation Academy. The Institution was vandalized during the 2016 political crisis.

The Commissioner General of NRA Patrick Kennedy Mugoya announced the revamping of the project to media yesterday during the official launching of the reconstruction of the Tax Academy in Juba.

“The government has started with 1.5m dollars and we expect for the institute to start deliverying its programs, we expect to spend two million dollars,” Said Mugoya.

NRA boss further explained the position for the renovation of the institute saying it will impact many South Sudanese and the entire taxation system of the country.

“Today is a very…important day for the National Revenue Authority, indeed (and) for the people of the Republic of South Sudan. We are celebrating the formal commencement of (re) construction of the South Sudan Tax academy,” he said.

Mugoya as well underscored the government pledge in guaranteeing to advance the country’s taxation system of the non-oil collections.

“It is a commitment of our government to ensure that the National Revenue Authority will be able to deliver for the people of South Sudan by collecting non-oil revenue to the maximum,” said Magoya.

“The South Sudan Tax Academy will impact all requisite skills to all staffs of National Revenue Authority so that they can be able to collect revenue in a very professional manner in a confident manner to the commitment of South Sudan’s tax payers, investors, the business community,” he continued.

Commissioner Mugoya also recounted that all the skills required for modern tax administration will be impacted to any NRA staff which include skills required by tax consultant who advices the tax payers on how to comply, custom agents who summit custom declaration for importers and exporters.

He said it is a collaborative venture between the government of South Sudan and African Development Bank in the renovation of the institute.

“The government has already committed resources and the government is starting to finance the project while we are waiting for the African Development Bank to come in and finish,” He revealed.

The NRA academy is expected to be factual within the next six months, awaiting for the launching in October to be able to accommodate around 50 staffs at one point at a time with lecture room of a capacity of 20 to 120 students with maximum rooms for the meetings and conferences.

Meanwhile the Chief Executive Officer of Infinitive Construction and Engineering Company (ICE) Amos, bided and awarded the chance for the renovation of the institution vented their commitment to commence the project sooner and to get the work done within the six-period mentioned based on the availability of the resources required.

ICE is a South Sudanese construction company registered in 2014, and became part of the biding process for the award of the reconstruction of the academy.

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