USSP pushes for activation of legislative councils in Juba

By William Madouk

The United South Sudan Party (USSP) is calling for activation of the dormant reconstituted transitional legislative councils in Central Equatoria state local governments and municipal council.

Taban Stephen Kiri, spokesperson for USSP, stated that since the councilors were sworn in last year, none of the legislative councils are active.

USSP party expressed concerns about the tactical delay by the County Commissioners and mayor of Juba City Council in activating the reconstituted transitional Legislative Councils.

“Since the formation of the Councils and swearing in of the members of the legislative Councils last year 2022 till now, none of the councils are active in Central Equatoria State,” Kiri said.

“To check the progress of the Councils in all aspects whether development, security and service delivery to the people of the respective Councils,” he added.

Mr. Kiri called on the minister of local government to follow up the initiation of councils, urging that councilors are tasked to prevent malpractices and voice the citizens’ concern at grassroots level.

“USSP is calling on the Ministry of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency-CES to monitor and follow up the activeness of the Councils  to make sure the R-ACRSS is implemented in a willing spirit to foster development, transparency, peace and accountability,” he noted.

“USSP is also aware that Revitalized Transitional Legislative Councils are responsible of Councils’ bylaws that will prevent malpractices or corruption in the Councils and act as the voices of the people in their different Payams, Bomas and quarter Councils,” Kiri urged.

The party, also echoed for urgent operationalization of the Legislative Councils in the Local Government, which is in line with R-ARCSS and Local Government Act. “To enable easy services and development delivery by having substantial representation through their activities that benefits the citizens of a respective Councils.”

In August 2022, Juba County swore in county legislative councilors to open up a new chapter for the council.

Juba County Commissioner, Joseph Wani, told the officials to transcend their political differences and join hands in working together for the people of Central Equatoria State.

 He added, “With the same challenge of a lack of a clear source of revenue, we were also able to reduce the cases of land grabbing within Juba County.”

Wani assured the officials that Juba County is now a complete state government with judges, legal advisers, security structures, an executive and a council.

The South Sudan Local Government Act of 2009 as amended chapter (4) section (20) provides for the establishment of Local Government Councils.

Chapter 5 – section (25) of the Act, states that there shall be Legislative Authority in each Local Government Council as the highest legislative in the Council; it further states that the legislative competence of the Local Government Council shall be vested in its Legislative Council in all matters assigned by the Act.

The Legislative Council shall exercise its legislative powers through enactment of by-laws and assented by a County Commissioner, Mayor or Town Clerk, as the case maybe in accordance with the provisions of the act.

The County Commissioners and City Mayor are assisted by the County Legislative Council and the City Legislative Council respectively in their governance structure at the Local Government level.

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