Kiir warns politicians against politics of divisionism

By Bida Elly David

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has warned politicians against indulging into the politics of divisionism and self-interest calling them to exercise a comprehensive politics of unity among South Sudanese to promote peaceful co-existence among them.

Addressing lawmakers during resumption of business for the transitional national legislative assembly on Monday, the President said politics of division, hate, and self-interest has torn apart many societies and communities across the globe saying that this tendency should be abolished in South Sudan.

Kiir underscored that politicians ought to play bigger roles in promoting peace, unity among the people through recreational activities such as games and sports, good narrative of cultural heritage among all South Sudanese.

He added that uniting citizens through games and sports, cultural diversity is one way to promote democracy and love among them thus enhancing economic growth and development where all livelihoods shall not battle food shortage.

President Kiir alerted national politicians concerning the political unity of sports that was triggered by the victory of the South Sudan basketball team during their World cup qualification battle with their competent rivals.

The head of the state discouraged political egoism among politicians in the Country and the citizens and rather urged politicians to advocate for forgivingness among divided communities across the Country for the sake of South Sudan prosperity into global recognition.

On the account of financial challenges that impede the national teams amid their success, President Kiir called on the Country to stand in support of national sports with necessary finances to ensure that the teams excel with excellent performances against their rivals.

The President also applauded the national parliamentarians for having stood in promoting national agenda for the success of the agreement that gave rise to the peace roadmap among parties.

Kiir also pleaded with politicians and the sports leadership to put many efforts in making the national teams at all levels whether being football, basketball, and volley ball for women and men at different ages to prosper by all means.

“We should play the politics of making our national teams successful instead of creating division among them. The success of our national teams both football and volley ball has made us to be honored globally and with this, we need to promote them by all means to the next level,” he said.

Kiir in his recent tour of the Bahr-El-Ghazal region called on citizens to discourage war and embark on improving road infrastructure to boost mobility for service delivery to citizens far from the town.

He also told the citizens that there will be no extension of the transitional period saying that the Country will be heading for general elections for citizens to freely choose their competent leader.

President Kiir assured his will to ensure that the Country (South Sudan) is set free from conflict of whatever kind to avoid bloodshed compared to years of brutal cold blood and displacements.

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