Murle youth down arms amid return of abducted citizens

By Bida Elly David

The minister of information in the greater Pibor Administrative Area said Murle armed youth have declared calm and surrendered their arms following good influx of their abducted citizens and cattle noting that the boys are ready for peace with their rivals.

This development came following improvement against attacks of civilians and abduction during the inter-communal clashes between Jonglei and GPAA armed youth in defense of their people.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper over the weekend, Abraham Kelang, information minister of Pibor Administrative Area said that the armed youth after series of meeting with their area government accepted to declare session of hostilities with their rivals in neighboring Jonglei state.

He said that the inter-communal conflict that claimed many lives and displaced hundreds was the tragedy that triggered the anger of the young tigers to declare brutal fight against their enemies especially the forceful cattle raid by their enemies.

“Our youth were fighting in revenge of their raided cattle and abducted people. They have finally declared peace against their enemies after Jonglei government handed over good number of our abducted citizens,” he said.

Kelang said at least 2 people including an old woman and a child were last week handed over by the Jonglei state government to the GPAA authority.

He further warned the Lou Nuer against laying further plans of attack against the people of the area noting that if the threats continue, the relationship between the two governments will be broken.

“There is a great return of our displaced people from the risk zones. Many of them have joined their families. We have recently received two abducted people consisting of a woman and a young boy from the Jonglei government. They are still with us and will be handed over to their families soon,” Kelang said.

Few months ago, the armed youth of Greater Pibor administrative area and the Jonglei Youth involved in brutal conflict as both parties caused serious damages losing lives and displacing many civilians in the two regions.

Continuous attacks, blockages of highways for mobility, poor access to medical facilities, water and food were some of the challenges encountered by the citizens of the two regions respectively.

The two governments were believed to have tabled these grumbles and resolved ways of bringing calm to the regions by handing over adducted citizens and raided cattle back to their authorities.

The GPAA and Jonglei state suffered series of downfalls from the hands of the aggressive young men involved in the continuous saga.

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