Moyo district police arrests a 45 years old woman for illegal recruitment

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Police in Moyo district have arrested a 45yrs old woman for claiming to be an employee of Kiinyara sugar works and illegally recruiting ten youth in Vura Bilinyo village, Moyo Sub County. The woman was nappedafter being reported by a South Sudanese national.

 The incident happened yesterday when one of the youths recruited who identified himself as Kenyi Isaac, a South Sudanese national living in Moyo town took an initiative to inform the sub county authorities about the on-going recruitment.

The suspect has been identified as Nakuba Cissy a resident of kiryaana parish, Kimengo sub county, Masindi district However when the sub county authorities intercepted, they discovered that the  woman did not  possess  any legal documents authorizing her to recruit or to show that she really is an employee of the sugar works firm as she claimed.
The parish chief Opi parish, Moyo sub county Ganyizara George explained that  the  woman came all the way  from Busoga to illegally recruit youth in the sub county  but had no any sort of identification, not even the Uganda national identity card.

He further cautioned the youth to be conscious and always know how to manage their poverty to avoid being lured into illegal acts such as homosexuality which the government of Uganda is currently trying to fight from all fronts as they seek employment from strangers. It is believed that the suspect was being directed by Ingendu Alex 26 yrs old resident of Vura Bilinyo village as a mobiliser
According to the Local council 3 chairperson Moyo sub county Andreli Inyansio as a recruiter the woman was supposed to follow the right procedures which did not happen propelling them to involve the district security to handle the matter.
The police Acting PRO for North West Nile region Dragudu Ignatius confirmed the arrest of suspect adding that investigations into the matter are still ongoing.

He further stated that this could have been some sort of human trafficking since the woman was not able to fully identify herself and clearly describe the kind of work for which the youths were recruited narrating that the woman when asked was quoted saying that’’ the youth were being recruited to carry out plumbing, cutting sugar cane, weeding” which to him does not correspond.
Just recently in Arua city on Thursday, February 02, 2023, Police arrested a man suspected to have been in process of trafficking over 40 people including children to an unknown destination.

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