Governor Manytuil, EU delegation explore humanitarian aid avenues

By Emelda Siama John Lopula

The Governor of Unity State Dr. Joseph Manytuil and European Union visiting delegation in South Sudan have explored humanitarians’ aids avenues to the floods affected population and IDPs in Unity State.

The European Union Delegation to South Sudan headed by Gabriel Leonte, complemented by IOM Chief of Mission, Peter Van Der Auweraert and humanitarian organizations, met Governor Manytuil on Tuesday, to assess the IOM projects that were funded by EU, to explore means of providing humanitarian aids to the flood victims and IDPs.

The meeting emphasized on humanitarian assistance to flood affected population and challenges that need urgent intervention from the state government and partners to address them on time.

The governor applauded the UN Agencies and International Organizations for the support to people of Unity State during this catastrophic humanitarian situation.

Manytuil also briefed the Delegation on the general security situation, and described it as normal and peaceful.

The state government organized communities’ peace dialogue that aims at reconciling the conflicting Communities, sections, and stop rampant revenge killing.

“The State government supported Jikany Community Peace and Reconciliation Conference held in Thoan of Guit County this month, aiming to stop revenge killing (that) existed a long period of time among Jikany Community,” Manytuil said.

“The whole State has been experiencing conflict and devastating flood, and the State government prioritized consolidating peace and security to enhance business activities and mobility of people through “road connectivity” the state headquarter with counties and Payam,” he added.

Governor Manytuil assured the EU delegation that, the state government has immediate short-term plan before rainy season to rescue the situation; by constructing permanent dykes around towns and residential areas, provision of food assistance to IDPs and road connectivity across the State that would help in delivering basic services and humanitarian aids.

Meanwhile the Head of European Union Delegation to South Sudan, Gabriel Leonte, said that the purpose of their visit was to assess humanitarian situation and implore means of supporting the flood affected population in Unity State.

The delegation however visited Hope Centre, established by the state government to accommodate street children and orphans in Bentiu town.

“We appreciate the Governor Joseph Manytuil Wejang for his unwavering commitment and dedication to serve the people of Unity State with moral obligation, and the European Union will continue to support the people of Unity State with all what it can,” Leonte cited.

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