South Sudan suffers political bias as elections are underway

By Ephraim Modi Duku Sokiri

As elections are speculated to take place in December 2024, The Executive Director for South Sudan Network for Democracy and Elections (SSuNDE) Mr. Galdino Ochama Ojok cited the lack of political will that is still doubted in the country blocking parties in manifesting their agenda.

Director Galdino made the statement while presenting during a half-day dialogue session on enhancing civic engagement during the extended transitional period.

“What we used to see in the Sudan when we were very young here, (was that) parties were discussing issues even… when there is no election, they will have to tell people what they are standing for,” he cited.

“In South Sudan, that is not happening, we do not know, maybe the campaign period which is like one month, it is not enough to inform the people what the party stands for,” he continued.

Galdino further stated that the situation may cease compliance from the donors as they are always after positivity.

“Now, if we talk on issues to do with elections, many donors are like saying we know the outcome of the elections may not be genuine, credible, free and fair and therefore, we are not interested to see into it that we put our money in place, that does not make any meaning,” SSuNDE director said.

Without political will, commitment and trust among leaders in South Sudan, achieving peace and stability will agonizingly remain an impression for a very long time in the world’s youngest nation.

The lack of trust amongst the leaders is also another component which compromises their readiness to pledge to preparations they themselves agreed upon.

This also erodes citizens’ hope in the leaders in whatever they say to be doing. Political trust is supposed to instill confidence in leaders and citizens.

Even in marriages, without commitment and trust, many of such marriages never last. With trust, you can even create an imaginary society around the globe. Trust anchored on a common interest can glue people together, no matter the language or distance that separates them.

Even in economics or business world, trust is vital. If you are not trusted, your credit rating can hit the bottom of an abyss.

Today, the agreement has faced analogous challenges profoundly due to the lack of the three vital elements. An eight-month pre-transitional period was measured and agreed to by the parties in order to implement all the pre-transitional arrangements. Lack of commitment has again made the implementation process to move at a snail’s pace.

In October last year, Germany Ambassador to South Sudan precisely urged the government of South Sudan to promptly include the civil society organizations (CSOs), women and youth in the constitution making process as well as reiterated need to speed up the implementation of the agreement.

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