Governor Tong assesses food commodities in Aweil town

By Hou Akot Hou

Governor of Northern Bahr El GAzal state, Tong Aken Ngor with his Cabinet members had stormed Aweil town’s market to ascertain for himself the food prices.

Tong said on Saturday that the reason of his abrupt visit to the market without a notice to the Chamber of Commerce’s officials was to find out why prices are still soaring despite the delivery of sorghums from Sudan.

“I came to see the prices by myself. We have recently got vehicles trickling in from Sudan with food items especially the sorghum. Why are they still increasing the prices? Is what I want to know” said Tong.

He warned the traders who still increase the prices against doing the malpractice, without being sympathetic to the vulnerable populace.

“Some people are still working against the set policies. The affluent people are not thinking about what is affecting our people, especially the hunger. This is not good at all. We need to work to help our people from the looming hunger. I will ensure that any trader who doesn’t want to cooperate with us in helping our people by decreasing the prices is told the rules in a good manner” he warned.

The traders said the governor’s visit was good, as the governor has seen the prices of goods.

They said that the prices are still high on the other items simply because rate of dollar is still high as it is bought at 93,000 SSP as they take the hard currency for buying the commodities abroad such as Uganda and Kenya.

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