Lakes State launches land survey and allotment in Awerial

By Yang Ater Yang

Lakes state Ministry of land, housing and public utility and commissioner of Awerial County has launched land survey and allotment in Mingkaman of Awerial County on Monday.

This is the first time for Lakes State government to launch survey and allotment of plots in Awerial County.

The commissioner of Awerial County, Philip Mawut Garang said the survey and allotment of land in Mingkaman, Awerial County is part of State government’s policy to embark on development of road in the counties in Lakes.

“We are here for launching of survey and allotment in Mingkaman town with minister of physical infrastructure, land, housing and public utility. We are focusing on development that’s why we are here to run the process of survey quickly and to start to do something more because we are done with security in Lakes State and we are forwarding to quality education and agriculture,” he said.

The commissioner said survey is part of development by itself when you make part of your plot and then you build it.

He lauded ARC and State government Ministry of Land, housing and public utility for launching a survey and allotment of lands in Mingkaman town.

“I appreciate ARC Construction Company and State Ministry of Land, housing and public utility for the survey and allotment, without them, we would have not reached at this level in Mingkaman town,” he said.

For his part, the minister of land, housing and public utility in Lakes State, Mawet Manuer Kok alluded that he is in Awerial County to launch survey and allotment in Mingkaman town of Awerial County.

He stated that Mingkaman is a strategic town in South Sudan that’s why the government of Lakes State prioritized this county to be demarcated and surveyed.

“This county is very important for many citizens in South Sudan because it is a market center as some of you know Guolyar and Mingkaman very well,” he said.

He urged the sons and daughters of Awerial County to support the event which was started by county commissioner.

“So, we need support and we need investors to come and invest here in this Mingkaman because Mingkaman has a lot of resources and this resources, the county will benefit and South Sudan will benefit at large because it is importing fish to Juba and other sites of Bahr el Ghazal region,” he said.

Minister Manuer stressed that Mingkaman town is very important for citizens of Lakes State and “we are happy today to inaugurate the survey.”

“The community of this area are very cooperative, there is no any noise when we are using survey and they are cooperative with operators. I am sure this county will develop very quickly because it has a lot of potentials and these potentials will make people benefit from it particularly people of Lakes State, Awerial county,” he noted.

The survey is expected to last for ten days according to the minister of land and housing.

“Commissioner has started where we moved but he wants more areas to be surveyed because the county will be benefit from this area in allotment and every citizen of South Sudan who is willing to come to Awerial county is most welcome and we will give him a land so that they make something for South Sudan,” added minister Manuer.

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