Police arrests two rape suspects in Yirol

By Yang Ater Yang

Police authorities in Lakes State, Yirol West County said they have arrested two young men as suspects for investigation in connection with a rape case of 17-year-old teenage girl who was reportedly raped in Yirol West County.

The incident allegedly occurred at 8:00am in Ngop Payam of Yirol West on Tuesday.

The acting police spokesperson in Lakes State, Lieutenant Colonel, Moses Machuoc Bol told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the two gentlemen were arrested in connection to a rape case of 17-year-old girl, Igad Telar.

The suspects are identified as Marial Majur Mading, 28 years and his co-accused, Ichut Makur Mabor, 25 years old.

State police spokesperson however said a third suspect who is said to be among the two identified suspects is still at large and being pursued by the security forces.

“The two suspects were initially arrested in Ngop Payam police post and they are now transferred to Yirol West County police custody for investigation while the raped victim was taken to Mapuordit hospital and she is now undergoing treatment,” Lt. Col Bol confirmed.

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