Bureau of Statistics predicts danger as 77% youth battle unemployment

By Bida Elly David

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in their recent report revealed that 77% of youth across the Country are unemployed noting that this scenario has contributed a lot in creating insecurity as majority of young people struggle to survive.

This concern emerged following presentation of demographical statistics estimates of South Sudan population yesterday.

Speaking during the event, Isaiah Chol the chairperson of National Bureau of Statistics said the high rate of unemployment for youth has been one of the factors that triggered insecurity across the Country.

“77% of youth below 35 need employment, education and other demands. This is indeed a great challenge to us according to this statistical analysis as a government. Without the statistics, we will not be able to know about that,” he said.

Chol said quick measures need to be employed by the authority to balance the level of unemployment for young people across the Country.

NBS boss said that one of the weaknesses the government has is the assumption of figures to determine statistics and shortages in certain areas urging them to avoid creating assumptions and focus on accuracy.

“Government is responsible in keeping accurate records and gives it to National Bureau of Statistics as data after which it is processed and becomes statistics. This requires commitment from all of us and the government,” he hinted.

Chol further said one cannot trace out the causes of insecurity or crimes in the Country before knowing the reasons and the factors that contributed to them unless a survey is done.

He added that accurate statistics can be generated if government shows will to invest on it financially and materially.

“To reduce crimes and conduct credible census, there is need to have peace, security and resources available at your disposal and implantation agencies for us to have good results on what is happening from our findings,” he said.

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