Ruweng Administrative Area gets more ministries

By Abraham Anyon Ngoor

The Ruweng Administrative Area has been given another four ministries adding to the five previously it had. This comes after the Ruweng Chief Administrative Area Stephano Wieu Mialek met with President Kiir on Thursday.

“As people of Ruweng, we requested for the other four ministries for the Ruweng Administrative Area. Five ministries were there; four more ministries are brought so they are nine ministries,” said Stephano while briefing the people of Ruweng.

“There are ministries that are very important [like] Ministry of Finance, labour and public service, ministry of agriculture, education, and rural development. I talked with the president. These are institutions that need a lot of policy guidance. If we put them as directorates, we will lose what we want to gain….[so] he listened to me and now we have nine  ministries,” he added.

According to the Chief Administrator, the ministers for the nine ministries have taken oath and have assumed their offices.

“The ministers took their oath, they have assumed their offices, Bol Akuong is now our Minister for local government and law enforcement, Minister for Information, Culture Youth and Sports is Sarah Akuot Dut, Gender and social welfare is Hon Nyanbol Maker Muonyror, Minister of Health Simon Chol Muoylith, James Arop Mayuel Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Rural Development….we have Honourable Simon Muoytho Arop as Minister of  Finance, Simon Mayik Deng as Minister of Agriculture, Santo Luol as Minister of education”, he stated.

On the other hand, he appointed advisors and commissioners within the various counties of the Ruweng Administrative Area.

“Kiir Bol kiir as advisor for economic and planning affairs…. county commissioner of Alieny, Hon. Chol Lual Adthiu,Tuuc county Commissioner Akot wuol,  Gabriel Wuor   commissioner for Lek North, Jang Jang county commissioner Paulino Gak Mayar, Martine Goc [for] wunkur county”.

He also informed the people of Ruweng on the ongoing infrastructure development projects in specific areas of the Ruweng Administrative area.

“To us there are some programs going on too …the road of Lek north work is going on well and speedily. Minister Simon Majok went to Parieng to supervise many areas and the first road is from Panakuac to Awarpiny and Abiemnom, from Parieng to Jaw, and the company of Amuk is on ground, it is the company of Kur Ajing. Priority of Abiemnom is the airport. On education we must transform schools and follow the news from the president that schools will be free”.

Ruweng Administrative Area is one of the three administrative areas of South Sudan which include Pibor, and disputed Abyei Area.

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