Vice President Abdelbagi to assess service cluster institutions in Lakes State

By Yang Ater Yang

The Vice President for Service Cluster in the Republic of South Sudan Hussein Abdelbagi Akol in Rumbek Lakes State to assess service cluster institutions to classify challenges and solutions to encroachment on school premises, dilapidated school structures, lack of qualified teachers, poor feedings, inadequate clean drinking water facilities, inadequate medical workers in the hospital, medical supplies among other others.

Addressing masses in Rumbek freedom square on Thursday, the vice president Hussein Abdelbagi Akol said the government will apply legal means to evict illegal occupants.

He said teachers and medical workers to receive their timely and monthly payment for effective services.

” For that matter, I highly commend the people of Lakes State and their governor on the relentless essence in promoting education in the area,” he said.

He said education is a key to life and should be given a priority so that every South Sudanese child have the opportunity to thrive in any endeavors in the country.

 The governor of Lakes State, Rin Tueny Mabor said that his government has normalized security in Lakes State.

” We have normalized security in Lakes State, maintain rule of law and order. We are embarking on service delivery and providing quality free education for all. We are embarking on agriculture for food for all and feeder roads construction”, he said.

He said health services are major concerns and our people are in dire needs of health medical care in the rural and urban areas in Lakes State.

” The people of Lakes State thanks his excellent general Salva Kiir Mayardit, the president of the republic of South Sudan for prioritizing education and declaring free and compulsory education in the country”, he said “. “Quality and girl child education is the priority in Lakes State”, he said.

He said the revitalized government of national unity (R- TGoNU) is implementing revitalized agreement with all its stakeholders in a consultative manner.

” I am appealing to our citizen to maintain peace through improves agricultural productivity and send children to schools and together works for peace, unity and reconciliation in Lakes State”, he said

The national minister of general education and instructions, Awut Deng Achuil urges people in Lakes State to promote girl child education.

” I am happy today to see that thousands and thousands of students and pupils marching before us. This is a progress we must take notes in the country. My appeal today before you, is let’s return the education system to be strong as it used to be in the past, and we can only do that if we hire qualified teachers to deliver quality education to our children” she said.

“My second message is let’s promote girl child education and I have seen that today will speak by itself” she said.

“So, our head teacher should promote of girls education and send every school age child both girls and boys to school, and my last my message is to thank the governor, Rin Tueny Mabor for restoring peace in Lakes State, without peace there will be no development and also thank people of Lakes State who are my uncles because my mom is from here in the bottom of my heart for embracing peace and protecting all South Sudanese that pass through Lakes State”, she said.

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