Akuot, whose eyes were pierced receives treatment in Juba

By Gladys Kole

Akuot Agany Kur, the young South Sudanese girl who fell a victim of her father’s devilish act has finally arrived Juba yesterday for further medical diagnosis at the Egyptian clinic in Juba.

She was received at the Juba International Airport by a group of well-wishers and the police spokesperson Major General Daniel Justin.

In a statement to the media, on her arrival at Juba International Airport, the police spokesperson Daniel Justin said that as organized forces who are specifically concerned with the laws, they will definitely take serious steps regarding the case of Akuot, adding communities must report and cooperate with the police on such incidents.

Daniel reiterated that, the family, neighbors, civil society organizations and all other sectors should look into such incidents.

He further stressed that marriage for underage is a crime and must be reported immediately to the police.

“We have established special protection units that work in coordination with women led organization on issues related to girls and women,” said Maj. Gen. Daniel.

“The most important thing here is to implement the law, the father is currently under detention and he will definitely face the law,” he noted.

The young girl was taken to Egyptian clinic in Juba upon her arrival to be examined for specialized treatment.

Akuot got both her eyes pierced using a medical instrument namely a cannula after a series of escapes from fighting with her father who told her to choose between being beheaded to death or for her eyes to be gouged out to stop her from seeing a man again.

This incident took place in Tonj East County of Warrap state last week, the police immediately took action to arrest the culprit.

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