Bishop urges priests to be devoted servants of God

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Church of Uganda Priests of Madi West Nile Diocese renewed their priestly Vows, with a call by the Lord Bishop to return to holiness and devotion to the service of God.

Following the Half day Clergy Conference at Emmanuel Cathedral Mvara, the Clergy of Madi West Nile Diocese were urged to Embrace Knowledge Acquisition to be effective in their Service to the People of God.

The clergy were thus led into renewal of their Priestly vows which included the Declaration of Assent and oath of Canonical Obedience.

This was led by the Diocesan Secretary and Witnessed by the two Bishops of Nebbi and Madi West Nile Dioceses.

Renewal of the priestly vows session was followed by the Blessing of the Oils by the lord Bishop which later will be used by the priests to anoint the sick, Catechumens and Christians.

Madi west Nile Diocese has a total of 200 actively serving priests (168 Males and 32 females), 150 Parishes, 719 churches,  and 13 Archdeaconries (Emmanuel Cathedral, Madi Oyibu, Vurra, Terego, Arua Urban, Maracha, Arua Archdeaconry, Aringa, Madi, Koboko, Logiri, Rhino camp).

Rev. Drani Sunday, the parish priest of Katrini Parish in Terego archdeaconry said that though there are challenges in Ministry he has been encouraged to brace up and not to give up ministry. “In this Ministry, there are Challenges. Whenever we are faced with such challenges, you should not abandon your ministry, but rather be close with your God, so that you get the Much Needed strength to stand”.  

Rev. Alba Limio Avi, the Archdeacon Elect of Arua Archdeaconry said the renewal of their Priestly Vows helps her to refocus in her ministry. “This day is very special for me because, renewing my vow makes me to remain focused. God called me to serve him and how do I serve him? That means my character should be aligned with the Character of My master Jesus Christ”.

Nasser Godfrey,The Diocesan Secretary, Madi West Nile Diocese said the purpose of the Clergy Conference is set apart for a retreat for all the active clergy in the diocese to come together and share issues that affect their ministry at various levels. “We also invited the Bishop of Nebbi Diocese to facilitate the retreat sessions with the Clergy and He shared a lot on the issues of relationships and ministry which encouraged and empowered the clergy a lot”. 

The Rt. Rev. Collins Andaku,the Bishop of Madi West Nile Diocese at the opening of the half day Clergy Conference said that the purpose of the Clergy Conference was to have Fellowship with one another. 

“We have come together as clergy, to flash back, pray and repent for our shortfalls, revisit our Calling, and equip ourselves with the required methodology of doing ministry, and set appropriate way forwards to handle common vices attacking our Church today”.

Rt. Rev. Ozelle Pons Awinzo, the Bishop of Nebbi Diocese implored the Christians to celebrate Easter Sunday with Meaning.

“My Brother Bishop Collins invited me here to join him in this Holy week where we remember the anointing of Jesus Christ by that Beautiful Lady from Bethany in their Sitting. We also remember the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot and so that made the Salvation Plan Complete. Therefore as leaders and Christians let us celebrate Easter meaningfully while continuously avoiding sin.” he encouraged.

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