NBGs records 7 suicide cases as GBV rise in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou

The ministry of gender child and social welfare in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state revealed on Wednesday that it recorded 7 suicide deaths as gender-based violence cases have risen in Aweil town since January to date.

The Director for gender at the ministry, Akot Angui Akot said most of the gender-based violence stemmed from economic crisis which encourages the gender-based violence (GBV) leading to some people taking their own lives.

“Since January to April, 27 cases have been reported to us as rape cases,” he disclosed, adding that “these reports came from the five counties and the municipal council”.

“Physical assault or domestic cases are 28 reported. The divorce cases from the 5 counties and the municipal council are 24 cases and the early pregnancy reported cases are 37 cases and those who killed themselves by hanging are 7 as these are all statistics reported from the counties and the municipal council that they have received.” Angui lamented.

He stated that most of the people such as the seven victims of GBV are those who killed themselves because they were stressed up and could not get advice from anyone.

“Most of those people did those heinous acts because the gender-based Violence is influenced by economic crisis which causes disputes in the families,” he noted.

However, Margaret Aliai, a human right activist said most of the women are dying in silence as a result of the gender-based violence which is eating up the society.

“Most of the women don’t like to report the cases as they regard it that it is a cultural norm to be rebuked or blamed or beaten up by husband to discipline you. Which is not correct,” she said.

The activist urged women to never get beaten up and remain in silence which can stress them and at times end up killing ‘yourself.’ “Talk about the bad behaviors being done to you by the husband. You can come to the Ministry of gender and we can advocate for your rights,” Aliai advised.

Last month, a young man killed himself in Rumanguoth in Aweil Center County as a result of dispute with his father over land.

GBV cases are on the rise in the state and activists warn residents against going mute saying they “should reveal all cases to the concerned authorities to advocate for their problems to get remedies”.

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