‘We are coming for you,’ Adil warns niggers

By William Madouk

Teenagers associated with nigger syndicates and motorbike robbers locally known as ‘Toronto Boys’ have been put on notice, and according to authority, patrolling will be beefed up and the police dragnet be entangled.  

Governor of Central Equatoria State, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, issued a stern warning against niggers and bike robbers with ‘watertight’ legal suits and serious consequences awaiting them, should they be caught.

Mr. Adil called on Munuki local chiefs, quarter councils and the city council to team up and address the issue of niggers to an end.

“The area chief must start today together with the quarter councils day and night to hunt down these niggers and stop niggers phenomena,” Adil said.

He also advised parents to play their parenting roles and directed their children to cease joining bad groups, adding if found associating with those niggers’ syndicates, they will be taken to far distance to serve their penalties.

“So, [parents] inform your children to leave behind this nigger thing if they insist, we will not put them under detention in Juba but will be confined in far place such as Terekeka and if Terekeka becomes near due to tarmac road then we can take them to Torit,” Adil noted.

“We can do that, if you are nigger and we arrest you – this time around we will take you that far and every mother or father who supported this behavior will also be arrested but I will not instruct sector commander to do that but if you insist, we are after you,” he warned.

Governor Adil appealed to the Munuki residents to cooperate and report any wrongdoing especially niggers and motorcycles stealers.

“Please, cooperate with these people, the mayor, commissioner of police and sector to stop the issues on niggers and Toronto boys [bike robbers] because of its importance,” he urged.

He lamented that those unscrupulous young boys inflicted harms to many people including mothers, girls and men using machetes.

Mr. Adil added that patrolling will be intensified and that would help in arresting city thieves, niggers and those Toronto boys and bring tranquility in Juba city.

In April 2022, police at least arrested 73 gangsters in a range of three days during the Easter festival including 18 girls.

Police were set during the eve of Easter Festival to crack down on gangs (niggers) and apprehend people involved in criminal activities.

Also in July, police arrested 21 suspected gangsters/niggers in Lologo Area, for having a fierce fight among themselves during the Independence Day.

According to the police report, those youngsters engaged in Nigger activities are 18 years or less. 

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