Adil dismisses self-proclaim boda-boda leader-Abraham

By Ephraim Modi Duku Sokiri

The Governor of Central Equatoria State (CES) Emmanuel Adil Anthony has slammed the self-proclaimed chairman of the Boda Association known to No.1 Citizen by his single name Abraham.

Speaking during his peace discernment tour held in Juba yesterday, the governor commended the contributions of the boda people on their services in the country.

“I thank boda boda people for their contributions. I heard that these days, you are again in trouble …one person forced himself to be the head of boda boda, …I want to say the office he is in is illegal,” he said.

Much as each and every country has laws, many citizens tend to break the law and take it into their hands.

“Any boda boda should not work with the office of Abraham …this is what I want to say. We are not a lawless country …we are not a country where anybody can take the law into his or her hands,” he added.

“Boda boda in Juba city has finished their arrangements …they will organize themselves and arrange for the state and when the state is done, …we will form at the national level not by me but maybe by the city council, so that all states of South Sudan will be part of.”

The governor also said that, after formation of all the state and national body, one person will be in charge of control and management on how to engulf them under the city council.

Many victims have undergone circumstance of the so called boda boda association led by Abraham who charge heavy sum of money in compensation of their agenda.

Last year, a boda-boda rider was shot and wounded an internal fist fight with one of the civilians leaving him with serious injury in the stomach. As well as an 18-year-old man was also shot dead and four other commercial motorcycle riders injured in a scuffle between the riders and police at Hai Mauna in Juba after boda boda stormed the office of the union.

A week later, the Mayor of Juba city Michael Lado Allah-Jabu dissolve the association and this year reinstated a new steering committee to take charge over the affairs of the boda boda industry.

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