Liquid Telecom launches Africa’s digital future intelligent cyber security

By Emelda Siama John Lopula

Liquid Telecom (now re-branded as Liquid Intelligent Technologies), has launched Africa’s digital future intelligent cyber security on cloud investment to reduce the cause of using business cloud.
“The cloud adoption is not a one-time event; instead, it’s an incremental and continuous process that varies from business to business. At Liquid we help organizations move to the cloud with technology that integrates diverse teams, enhances customer interactions, enhancing business innovation, agility and go-to-market capabilities” said the Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Intelligence Technology in South Sudan, Martin Mushambadope, on Wednesday at the training.

“We are fully aware that in South Sudan, Juba has got the highest concentration of vibes in all the rest of the states outside of Central Equatoria are mainly saved using satellite communication, so we are here to talk about all the provisions we provide in terms of satellite we have got the entry level KO-Ben, we have got the mid-level KU-Ben and C-Ben. These would be in terms of making sure that everyone in South Sudan is not left behind when it comes to connectives, no matter how remote the area is you devised to be connected, you devised to be talking to the rest of the world” Mushambadope added.
The Chief Executive Officer said that they have done a lot of interaction with government through the national communication authority the regulatory body.
“We have a lot of engagement with the government through NCA and we also do our part and, going forward, we are now to say this section is for NGOs, this section is for small median enterprises, it’s for individuals because we have already done with the strategic teams and we are now casketing it downward, having done the strategic issues with NCA through the government” he cited.

Mushambadope further said the training will help the country and it will enhance market confidence.
“This training is very beneficial to the public in South Sudan. In that, we need to project an image of confidence in the market that whenever the users use our platform there data are protected, there is no one who is going to access anybody’s information or data without authority and cyber security is perforated area going forward, especially in this days of revolution artificial intelligent, everyone is working visually, so it’s our reasonability to work with the market and with all the stakeholders to make sure that we protect data and storage has got the maximum protection for people’s confidence”.
He noted that internet should be taken as human rights because everyone has to communicate regardless of location whether within South Sudan, community, East African Regions, Africa or the globe.
Meanwhile the Cloud Cyber Security Solution Acutest at Liquid Intelligent technology, Kenneth Odera said that they came from Uganda to South Sudan to create awareness in terms of value propulsion that cloud and cyber security can bring not only to organizations within the region but to Juba in South Sudan as whole.
“There is a lot of values that this cloud-based and cyber security solution can bring not only to the private sectors but also to the public sectors to grow their region as whole” Odera said.
He noted that cloud was the only solution that purposely valued the highest propulsion in Africa because Africa in general has one major problem and that was infrastructure, the connection of power and light.
“Cloud solutions remove data hacking because, for organizations being private and public sectors, you don’t need to have visual infrastructure for you to adopt this different technology so cloud comes in bridge that gap” he lamented.

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