Police hold women accused of burning dozens of households in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou

Local authorities at Aulicu payam in Aweil Center County have put two women of Makuei Boma at Auluic payam in police custody for interrogation as they are being accused of allowing a fire to consume dozens of households last week.
The payam administrator of Auluic payam, Deng Bul Deng said Tuesday that they have arrested the two women because they are suspected of allowing the fire to engulf 20 households.
“Auluic has got 20 households burnt to ashes last week when the fire was suspected (to have been set) by two women found cooking kombo and the other was accused of starting a fire which consumed other homes. So, we are interrogating them as per the fire brigade rules. Even the clothes and luggage of the cattle keepers in Makuei Boma were burnt completely,” said Bul.
Bul stated that the Aweil Center commissioner, Peter Natale had donated 100 bundles of grass to the affected households’ members in order to help them reconstruct their huts.
“We have given other 10 households each bundle and it is to help them. The season is a dry season and these people can’t afford to buy their own grass for [making] local huts. So, we have to step in as government,” he noted.
Bul said the rest of the people who have not received the bundle of grass will be supported, adding the partners have to come for some aid.
One of the beneficiaries, Amou Dut said they have been sleeping outside in the open noting that the donated grasses will helpful.
“We have been sleeping in the open and it is now going to be much better as the payam has given us these bundles of grass. We will have to examine those whose conditions are dire so that we prioritize them,” she noted.

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