R-JMEC pleads for speedy constitutional making process

By Bida Elly David

The chairperson of the Revitalized Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (R-JMEC) has called on the parliament to pressurize political parties to submit names of their members on the reconstitution of the constitutional review committee as the roadmap is soon reaching deadline.

Speaking during presentation of report on the status of the current roadmap, Charles Tai Gituai, the interim chairperson of the R-JMEC said that the ministry of justice formerly wrote to parties and stakeholders to submit lists of nominees to reconstitute formation of committee for the constitutional making process but nothing happened.

He said that delays for the submission of the names by political parties will impede the formulation of the constitution hence affecting the peace roadmap which is soon reaching deadline.

“I am aware that on the 31st January, 2023, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs wrote to all the parties and relevant stakeholders to submit lists of their nominees to be appointed to these constitutional making bodies but as of today, only four of the stakeholders submitted the list of their nominees and none of the parties to the agreement have done so,” Charles said.

Charles said that without the accomplishment of the constitutional making process and the national election act it will be hard for the Country to determine its possibility to conduct democratic elections.

“I appeal to this house to prevail on these parties to at least submit their nominees without any further delay.”

He said that the extended period of the 24 months of the transitional government of National Unity has commenced with little progress as deployment of the first badge of the unified necessary forces as well as training of the second badge remain withheld.

“The 24 months of the extended transitional period of the R-ARCSS has commenced with little progress for example, no progress has been made to ask the commencement of the making of the permanent constitution not only for elections but also guaranteeing a peaceful future of this Country,” he said.

Charles said that despite the national political party act 2022, being accented to, the political party council is yet to be reconstituted noting that the national election commission cannot be constituted after the enactment of the national election bill 2022.

“As a result of these delays on the election related tasks including the establishment and functioning of institutions that drive the election to a high schedule, there is need for the august house to consider the national election bill as a matter of urgency,” Charles said.

In continuation, for election to take place as soon as possible, Charles said that there is need for the government to conduct reconstruction, repatriation, resettlement, rehabilitation and re-integration of IDPs and returnees.

He underscored that parliament needs to push the executive and the security segment to ensure total security for citizens through the graduation of the unified forces for successful democratic elections.

He said that R-JMEC as a monitoring body has been mandated evaluate the movement of the R-ARCCESS including the work of the parliament towards implementation of the signed agreement.

“The security forces have to prepare for election security tasks at least six months before the end of the transitional period. The magnitude of the tasks ahead has described the slow implementation of the peace agreement,” he said.

He reiterated that it is upon the parties to the agreement to re-double efforts towards working collaboratively at collegial and consultative manner to address any concern and disputes that may arise in the course of its implementation.

“It is important to accelerate the peace implementation and provide much needed resources and leadership for the implementation of the peace agreement. I would like to remind the assembly of the collective legacy of the R-TGoNU that the implementation of the agreement lies in the hands of the parities in letter and spirit,” he said.

Charles further added that respect for human rights and rule of law should be one of the angles that the R-TNLA should consider as the Country proceeds for general democratic election.

He said that R-JMEC remained committed towards evaluating and monitoring the activities of the R-ARCSS and the parliament to ensure full implementation of the agreement as articulated.

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