NCAC turns eyes on Kiir to settle dues

By William Madouk

The National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) has appealed to President Salva Kiir to intervene and expedite the payment of national staff arrears.

​On early March, the committee ceased all its operations due to non-payment of dues by the national government.

The 15-member committee said they have not been paid for the last 3 years, adding that the last incentives they received was 0.5 percent of the total budget presented three years ago.

Out of 15-members, two non-national staff are being paid by IGAD, while 13 nationals who are parties’ representative to the agreement are to be paid by government which has not being happening.

Addressing the media yesterday, the NCAC acting spokesperson, Ayuel David Machar stated that the mandate will elapse in the coming months without the review of vital laws due to government’s failure to settle staff debts.

“We therefore, call upon the president to intervene in the matter and expedite the payment of national members of the NCAC,” Machar said during press conference yesterday.

“Inform the parties and stakeholders to the agreement and the public that the NCAC mandate is set to expire in May 2023 without review of important laws, due to failure of the government to discharge its responsibility of paying nation staff their dues,” he added.

Mr. Ayuel said that they will continue to strike as long as the issue of payment is not addressed.

“The NCAC wishes to inform the parties to agreement, stakeholders … about its continued suspension of usual meetings for the review and amendment of the laws as stipulated by agreement due to reasons herein,” he noted.

“We are deeply concerned that since this date there has been no communication with the committee on the status or progress made in resolving the issues,” he continued.

According to him, the committee has been submitting its budget yearly but for the last three years they have been operating out of funding, adding that follow up on payment was made with two vice presidents but to no avail.

“In addition, the matter of NCAC (member) payment has been raised several times at RJMEC monthly plenary meetings and resolutions were made for payment,” he added. “In all instances, the government committed itself to make payment. Unfortunately, to date no payment has been made”.

Since its establishment in 2018, about eighteen bills have been amended, however, NCAC cited that with operations halted, it could impact negatively as critical laws remain pending.

“NCAC remains committed to complete its work and urges parties and stakeholders to impress upon the government the need to prioritize the payment dues of national members”.

The NCAC was reconstituted by IGAD in October, 2018 as per the agreement (chapter 1, Article that mandated the committee to make amendment to the constitution and laws to incorporate agreement and relevant reforms.

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