South Sudanese safe in Sudan amid clashes-Dau

By Bida Elly David

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said South Sudanese living in Sudan are safe amidst the raging gun battle.

Acting foreign affairs minister, Deng Dau stated that the over one million South Sudanese hosted in Sudan are in good security amid the week-long conflict that has created dire humanitarian situation.

He made the statement on Thursday during Eid Ramadhan festival dinner organized by the Muslim community and attended by government officials and other faithful.
According to media reports, more than 400 people have been killed and thousands wounded since the fighting erupted Saturday between forces loyal to Sudan’s army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and his deputy, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, the commander of the powerful paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), who is commonly known as Hemedti.

Mr. Dau, however, said the on-going military confrontations in Sudan have transformed Sudan into the land of suffering as citizens roam the city and the entire Country in tears adding that despite the tragic situation, South Sudan remains committed to aiding them through mediating a peace process.

“There are over one million South Sudanese in Sudan and we are all aware that the war in Sudan also affects us. Despite the clashes between the forces, our citizens are safe” Dau said.

Acting foreign affairs minister urged South Sudanese citizens, especially those having families in Khartoum, to worry less, saying his ministry, in collaboration with the South Sudan Embassy in Sudan is working towards their safety.

Dau said that despite the suffering of South Sudanese in Khartoum, no reports concerning causalities or death have been reported since they are under civil protection.

In the same occasion, Dau also appreciated the Muslim community for having committed themselves to fasting despite the crisis in Sudan, noting that the religion is indeed a religion of faith.

He called on them to continue with the move as the government remains committed to working with them in Godly spirit.

“For those South Sudanese suffering in Sudan as the conflict looms, we as the government are urging them to remain calm as we work together with the IGAD to ensure amenity. We are sure that peace will come to the Country” he said.

Dau further appealed to the warring generals to amicably address their grievances as well as find ways to bring stability for the sake of the innocent civilians in Sudan.

The minister however failed to give details on whether they had carried comprehensive assessment of the South Sudanese nationals with accurate statistics focusing only on their safety.

He said the warring parties ought to give a green light for peace mediators and humanitarian organizations to land Khartoum to enable them reach into consensus when need be.

According to an anonymous source in Khartoum, about 20 South Sudanese sustained serious injuries and remained in dilemma as medical team could not turn into their rescue.

The source who is a resident of Haj-Yousif said that South Sudanese are not safe as the security situation in Khartoum keeps escalating every day.

“We are not safe here. About 20 South Sudanese are injured as others suffer from hunger in the capital. No medication for the sick and water for thirst. We are in total darkness. The embassy is just here focusing on what they know but not the welfare of the citizens living in tragedy” the source said.

President Kiir on Thursday said that mediating team will never go to Khartoum unless the warring parties ceasefire and pave the way for them to land.

He warned the fighters against the on-going suffering of the citizens in Sudan, noting that they will be accountable if damages continue.

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