Battle continuous as MP refuses to apologize over Nunu’s impeachment drive

By Bida Elly David

The battle between speaker of the R-TNLA, Jemma Nunu Kumba and Juol Nhomngek the lawmaker who accused Nunu over corruption scandal remains a feed dragging battle as the accuser rejected to apologize despite being reportedly found guilty by the parliamentary investigating committee. 

Last week, the chairperson of the information committee at the R-TNLA John Agany told the media that Juol was found guilty by the committee constituted and tasked to investigate him over the accusation he made against the speaker.

Agany said the committee after thorough investigation found that the fellow parliamentarian had no clear evidence to prove the speaker guilty of embezzlement and mismanagement.

According to Mr. Agany, the accuser was given seven days by the committee to appear before the committee for defense but turned down the call.

The parliament spokesperson said decisions are going to be made by the august house to decide the fate of the MP since the days given met deadline.

“When an ad hoc committee is formed to address misconduct, it is according to the conduct of business. According to regulation 49 and sub regulation 3, if I am found guilty by an investigation committee, I still have an option to apologize to the person suffering from the damage” he stated.

“If Juol could come to the speaker for apology before the seven days elapse, he would have been forgiven. The committee formed was a disciplinary committee that would solve the issue and finish it there” he added.

Mr. Agany revealed that MP Juol was given three letters to appear before the committee but he turned deaf ears to them and remained mute up to date.

“Juol was given three letters to come for hearings before the committee but he dismissed the first and the second one but third one he said he didn’t acknowledge the committee since it was formed by the speaker” said Agany.

However, in a rebuttal Hon. Jualo told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that he won’t apologize neither to the committee nor to the speaker until the impeachment motion is placed before the august house for studies.

Mr. Juol doubted the results generated by the investigative committee saying that the speaker formed the committee and bribed them to stand in her favor which is legally wrong.

He further said until speaker Nunu is impeached by the parliament, then he will present all necessary documents to prove that she squandered the resources of the august house for her benefit and her supporting team.

“I was given a letter by the speaker that I was requested within seven days. The committee formed was illegal because it was the same committee formed on the basis of the forged resolution of the speaker which would have been tabled before the extra ordinary meeting” Mr. Juol reacted.

He rejected the judgement of the committee finding him guilty noting that he even never met them for facts presentation or defense.

“John Agany was among the committee paid by the speaker. I have written a letter to the inter-parliamentary union (IPU). I have filled a form and waiting for the decision from them over my suspension from the parliament. This is not an easy case and I cannot apologize because I will be letting down the country” Juol said.

He still stood on the point that the speaker was corrupt to the extent of destroying the nation with her act since the parliament is supposed to help the country from impeding situation.

“The parliament was very clear in it saying that the findings of the investigation committee are supposed to be tabled in the house but the speaker is not willing since they are even going to dismiss the speaker. When the motion is out, I will read it with all the evidence” he said.

According to him, speaker Nunu was not willing for the motion to be tabled before the august house because regulation 49 for his investigation was clear, after   confirming the defamatory wording, they were supposed to table for approval.

“I have all the documents. Most of the same are inquiries. I was making inquiries from the speaker since they were not accusations. I need explanation from her before the parliament” he said.

Juol further accused the speaker for having failed to present auditing reports concerning the expenses of the parliament noting that Nunu has been using the financial resources of the parliament for unclear trips.

“Instead of presenting an auditing report to show that the parliament is running without corruption, she is using means of silencing any question concerning accountability which is wrong” he said.

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