Roadmap faces disruption as Sudan war rages

By Bida Elly David

The future of Revitalized peace agreement(R-ACSS) is swimming in the pool of derail as Sudan is still in the state of unrest following clashes between the two rivals who up to date refused to lay down arms for the amenity in the nation.

The appointment of President Kiir by the IGAD to lead the mediation committee to resolve the Sudanese crisis is projected to create delays in the implementation of South Sudan peace roadmap especially the security arrangement which gives light to the deployment and graduation of the necessary unified forces.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Puok Both Baluang, the acting press secretary in the office of the First Vice President and deputy director of information for the SPLM-IO party said there is no way South Sudan agreement will make a positive move if Sudan still battles serious war as many populations face unrest.

Up to now, the commanding generals of the two antagonistic armies are in loggerheads where each of them play hard never to surrender guns for amnesty in the Country.

According to Baluang, the appointment of President Kiir as chair of the committee to mediate Sudanese crisis was paramount but it would derail the on-going political move of the Country as it proceeds towards permanent peace.

He noted that the on-going crisis in Sudan would negatively impact the political success of South Sudan since the two countries have been sharing many things in common.

“The current insecurity in Sudan makes also an impact of the security in South Sudan because of the largest border we have with them. SPLM-IO is concerned with the situation in Sudan because we are one nation in two countries since whatever happens in Sudan will have impact on South Sudan,” he said.

Baluang added that South Sudan peace process will be in limbo since Sudan being the chair of IGAD and a peace guarantor to South Sudan is affected thus leading to slow move of the implementation.

“The other impact is that Sudan is the chair of IGAD and one of the Guarantors to the R-ARCSS. The absence of the IGAD will jeopardize the process of the implementation of the peace in South Sudan. Without any of them as guarantors, it will result into violation of the agreement,” he said.

On his part, Edmund Yakani the Executive director for the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) suggested that President Kiir ought to appoint a special envoy to head the implementation of South Sudan peace agreement as he leads the IGAD committee to resolve Sudan crisis.

He said that the crisis in Sudan will have a negative implication on the revitalized peace agreement in South Sudan since the north is one of the influential IGAD member states that normally makes a breakthrough whenever there is a deadlock between president Kiir and Riek who are the key principals to the agreement.

“Now that there is crisis in Sudan, we are not going to have guarantor that is influential since Uganda as one of the guarantors to the agreement does not play the big role Sudan plays. For Kiir mediating them there is need for him to learn from the Juba peace agreement,” Yakani noted.

He said that South Sudan will undergo the same situation that Sudan currently faces if the deadline of the roadmap is not met according to the agreement.

“We are not very far from the experience that Sudan is encountering since our transitional period is supposed to end with elections and time is running out. President Kiir and his vice Riek Machar need to regain political trust and confidence in conducting free and none violent elections. I am calling the president to entrust an envoy to implement the agreement as he mediates Sudanese crisis,” Yakani said.

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