Uror authority links Pibor ‘armed youth’ to latest attacks

By William Madouk

Uror county authority of Jonglei state has pointed fingers at armed youth from Pibor for carrying out persistent attacks against innocent citizens.

Uror county information officer, Gatluak Kulang Gai said Monday armed youth suspected to be from Greater Pibor Administrative Area attacked three Bomas in Wechkol Payam which led to the death of 2 people.

“Yesterday, April 24, 2023, … armed youth attacked Tiam, Poor, Wernyoot, Uror County Wechkol payam, killed 2 people on the process and injured 2 others who are now seeking treatment in Yuai Hospital,” Gaid said in a statement seen by this outlet.

“The fighting took a whole day and the attackers were chased in disarray by the local youth who inflicted heavy losses on the aggressors,” he added.

Mr. Gai further revealed that they have managed to capture ten AK47 which are in good condition and run amok the assailants.

He claimed that armed youth has moved out on their terrain to stage ambushes and attack on roads, worship places, cattle camps and houses.

“… armed youth criminals have moved out of their territory in Greater Pibor Administrative Area and attack people of Jonglei on roads, churches, cattle camps and homes; abducting children, killing elderly and women, everybody comes across is a victim,” Gai claimed.

Uror county authorities strongly condemned the attack and urged the armed youth to stop this uncalled-for conflict.

“The Uror County authority are saddened by the continuous attacks by the criminals who always come from Greater Pibor area and condemn it in strongest term possible,” he noted.

“This concurrent attacks on the people of Uror and Jonglei as whole must stop,” Mr. Gai continued.

Recently, area authority in Pibor denied an allegation that armed youth from their area attacked Jonglei, terming it as a ‘lie’ and a mere ‘fabrication’.

However, the area authorities in Pibor are yet to comment on this recent matter.

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