WES Chamber of Commerce embarks on tour to unite traders

The Chairperson of Chamber of Commerce and his team in Western Equatoria State is embarking on touring Eastern Counties of the state to carry awareness and register all traders.

The purpose of the visit is also to unite and promote togetherness among the traders.

Emmanuel Bagbe, the secretary of the Chamber of commerce said the other reason for the tour is to introduce the Membership certificate of the state, selecting Representatives of State chamber of commerce for each county and Registration of all traders.

Emmanuel further stated that the tour is also aimed at differentiating and separating the wholesalers from retailers, introduction of Agricultural tax on Logs and beams of Avezilia, Mahogany & Teak trees.

The Chamber of commerce will also arrange & sort business shops to match products on sale & avoid random selling around/within the market and the Contribution towards construction of the new office of State Chamber of Commerce.

“Currently, we are on mission to Eastern Counties of the state, we are going to Unite our traders, we are going to give them some skills on how to operate, setting of business so that they can improve and will also listen to challenges the traders are facing,” Mr. Emmanuel said.

According to the secretary, the team comprised of three people, the Chairperson of the Chamber of commerce, Secretary General and the Information officer.

The team is expected to visit 5 counties, Ibba, Maridi, Mvolo, Mundri West and Mumdri East and will spend one week.

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