MPs demand Governor Futuyo axed from power

By Bida Elly David

Parliamentarians representing Western Equatoria State at the national assembly (R-TNLA) have recommended for dismissal of Western Equatoria State Governor Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo following claimed insecurity that was believed to have rocked the state.

In a press conference held at the parliament yesterday, the parliamentarians noted that the security situation in the state has been in turmoil since Governor Futuyo took over governance through SPLM-IO ticket.

The MPs said that Futuyo’s leadership has been one of the reasons behind the unprecedented level of inter-communal violence that transpired, claiming lives of many civilians and destroyed properties.

“We can confirm that ever since the appointment of the Governor of Western Equatoria State in 2020, the people of greater Tombura never experienced peace but unprecedented level of communal violence claimed over 400 innocent lives, destroyed public and private properties and displaced nearly 100,000 people to the neighboring Countries,” said the MPs.

The lawmakers also recommended swapping of Western Equatoria State leadership under SPLM-IO with another political party either SPLM-IG or SSOA to address the insecurity facing the state.

“We the MPs representing WES want peace, unity and prosperity in our State therefore, for the interest of peace, we strongly and categorically recommend the swapping of WES from SPLM/A-IO with SPLM/A-IG or SSOA or any other party to the agreement during the transitional period.”

A week ago, activist Edmund Yakani raised concern over exchange of hate speech and hostile propaganda, disinformation and misinformation among politicians in the state.

He said the politicians come from the Balanda and Azande ethnic groups, describing it as “dangerous and deadly.”

The MPs said there current dissemination of hostile propaganda, recruiting, mobilization, redeployment and movement of forces is triggering tragic insecurity in the State.

They claimed that there is establishment of cantonment and army barracks in remote areas such as Namutina, Sue, Duma and Nadianngere, noting that these camps are not in accordance with the agreement.

However, the parliamentarians did not clarify whether the report was generated by WES parliamentarians from different political parties including the SPLM-IO where Futuyo emerges from.

They also recommended closure of illegal cantonment sites and all the militia camps in all areas in Tambura adding that deployment of neutral security agencies to manage the boarder is crucial.

According to Hon. Susan Thomas, an MP representing Ezo County at the R-TNLA, Futuyo’s leadership has caused more harm than good to women, children as majority suffered rape, starvation among other tragedies.

She noted that Western Equatoria State being one of the major suppliers of South Sudan with food items has been turned to be a center of bloodshed and suffering to the Country’s population.

Efforts to reach the office of the governor for response to the allegations of the parliamentarians were unsuccessful after several trials.

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