NBGs Youth leader behind bars

By Hou Akot Hou

The Northern Bahr el Ghazal state (NBGs) Youth Union Chairperson, Mr. Tito Awen Bol is reportedly being remanded at Wanyjok police station following a case between him and the husband of a woman he is accused of having an affair with.

Mr. Awen Bol had a long-term case with a woman he is accused of having impregnated some years back when the husband had been away in Sudan.

One of the youth who chose anonymity for personal security reasons said, Awen was locked up since Thursday and he is awaiting referral to the judicial court at Mabil, Aweil East County.

“The guy is in jail and it is becoming a political matter. Some youth have ganged up against him about his leadership. He had an affair with a woman before but it was solved culturally through paying seven cows which he did. Again, now they are taking it political,” the anonymous source disclosed.

A relative of the woman however refuted the claims reported to this media by the youth chairperson’s ally, saying Awen is the causative of the mess.

“In the First place He (Awen) opened the arrest warrant against the woman whom he had an affair with claiming that his 7 cows should not go in vain. Unless she takes an oath to confirm that he was the one alone she had an affair with” the relative stated.

According to the woman’s relative, she opened the case against Awen saying she does not have any other men apart from him.

The youth leader is reportedly in police custody with his other colleague and the chiefs whom he had mobilized to force the woman accept that he had affairs with other men.

The relative said Awen is going to be taken for further investigation and they will be driven to the county judge for further ruling.

It has become a talk of the town in Aweil, where youth could be overheard talking in the public arena about their chairperson’s detention.

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