South Sudan Activist pleads to President Salva Kiir for Pardon

By Amelda Siama John Lopula

An activist in South Sudan, who had avoided the country over an alleged security threats after criticizing President Salva Kiir, has pleaded for forgiveness, terming what happened as an error.

Dr. Peter Biar attacked President Kiir in an interview aired on Kenyan broadcaster (KTN) channel in 2022.

The prominent Civil Society leader, political dissident and scholar, claimed the president was drunk for failing to address mourners at the state funeral of a former Kenyan leader, Mwai Kibaki.

Dr. Biar, who currently resides in the United States of America, begs for compassion from the President, admitting that he made errors.

“I write this letter to express my sincerest apology to you, in regards to comments I made on KTN one year ago touching on the person of Your Excellency” Dr. Biar’s letter reads in part.

Dr. Biar argues that his conscience has compelled him to seek forgives from the president after a period of one year, without any external actor.  

 “Over the course of the last one year, I have reflected on what I said. Although I am not sure whether my apology will satisfy you, I want to assure you that I am giving it freely without admonition of anyone. It is my conscience and convictions that are urging me to do so,” Biar said.

The activist regrets that his intents to hurt the president hit a snug, without any retribution.

“My intention, when I made those remarks was to hurt you. I wanted you to feel the same pain I felt, I wanted you to understand how much it hurts. But hurting you neither healed me nor brought me satisfaction of any kind. And while relatives and friends immediately implored me to retract my statement, my pride and anger prevented me. But I now realize that hurting you because I was aggrieved termed from a desire for retribution–the need to apply the ancient Jewish law of “an eye for an eye” from the Old Book, which can only make the whole world blind if taken to its logical conclusion,” he said.   

Dr. Biar implores President Kiir, saying the country needs healing

“I have come to firmly believe that our country can only heal with genuine forgiveness, which cannot be coerced or bought. Rather, it flows effortlessly from a changed heart. As such, I beg Your Excellency to have a change of heart and to forgive my offense,” Dr. Biar apologized.

“From the depth of my soul, I am sorry for the injury I have caused you. I truly hope that you are able to forgive and to let go off whatever bitterness your Excellency may feel towards me. May God Almighty heal the wound in your heart and afford you the peace of mind that he gives to each and every one of us–even when undeserved–so freely.”     

The activist however stated that his apology does not mean the end of political and philosophical disagreements with the government.

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