Unity State dismisses ‘fake’ rumor on fish dying of oil pollution

By Emelda Siama John Lopula

Authority in Unity State has strongly dismissed alleged oil pollution killing fish in large numbers, terming it as a ‘fake’ and concocted statement.

This comes after news surfaced on social media, claiming that oil leaked into water wells putting lives of local residents, livestock and aquatics animals in jeopardy.

According to the social media rumor, dwellers complained of increasing salinity of drinking water and unexplained rise in both livestock death as well as aquatic animals

It also added that residents of Unity States have showed their concern and rang the alarm bell over the oil pollution causing infant deformities, miscarriage and killing livestock.

But, the online blogs did not indicate exactly which part that the mysterious oil pollution took place in Unity state nor did it document any death among humans.

Reacting to the matter, Press Secretary in the office of Unity State governor, Peter Bakuony dismissed the allegations, describing those who concocted the ‘piece’ as attention-seekers.

“These are the people who want to draw public attention, when you look at the picture; it shows that the fish died in a dry area with no water,” said Bakuony in a phone interview with No. 1 citizen Daily Newspaper.

“Oppositely,  unity state is flooding everywhere there is a lot of water, this is just people who wanted to confuse a story in order to propagate a certain agenda and this is not Unity State neither South Sudan,” he added.

Bakuony stressed that fish in Unity State are fresh and edible, and residents are now eating.  

He called on the general public to disregard the information, adding the scene where fish died alone shows that it’s not anywhere in the country.

“We categorically called upon the public and all the media houses to disregard this information,” Bakuony urged.

“The scene explanatory alone shows that it’s not Unity State because the whole of Unity State is submerged by flooding,” he continued.

Mr. Bakuony lamented the circulation of ‘fake’ news by Hot in Juba of the mysterious death of fish, brought confusion and draw public attention and many media outlets.

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