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Aweil students decry poor conditions

By Hou Akot Hou

The leadership of Aweil students studying in Western Bahr el Ghazal University, Wau has expressed hardships to their Northern Bahr el Ghazal state Governor Tong Aken Ngor.

He said they are faced with difficult conditions as they pursue their academics.

The students’ leadership headed by Mr. Diang Akuei Akuei presented a number of issues facing them to the governor during a meeting on Wednesday.

Top on the list of issues raised by the students is the lack of enough feeding and tuition fees.

“We have told the governor the challenges facing us such as food deficit in the campus and also issues of fees. These are pressing issues,” Akuei stated.

The student leaders added that the governor had pledged to stand firm with them in order to address some of the issues they get faced with.

Mr. Akuei said the governor had asked them to be doing the graduation in Aweil whenever time comes so that celebrations are held in the freedom square in order to inspire the next generation on how important high education is.

“The governor had instructed us to take the message to the rest of the students in the campus such that when time comes for graduation then the functions and celebrations have to be done in Aweil to take the message of importance of higher learning to the rest of the students,” he lamented.

Northern Bahr el Ghazal has been lagging behind in having its own public university. Project of the public higher institution of learning is yet to come to success as the construction of the premises had stuck with a fence that had been even half-way constructed. Authorities are believed to be working to build the campus

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