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Kiir leads in pledging support for returnees

By Gladys Kole

President Salva Kiir has led the humanitarian agencies in pledging support to the people fleeing Sudan’s crisis and address the looming humanitarian calamity.

“The head-of-state Kiir pledged full support to the returnees and refugees entering the country,” said Office of the President in a statement on its Facebook page.

This followed a meeting between Kiir, minister of Humanitarian Affairs and the UNMISS chief, Nicholas Haysom, on influx of returnees and refugees and their living conditions at border areas of South Sudan.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Mr. Nicholas Haysom commended South Sudan for adopting a generous policy to welcome all the people fleeing the Sudanese conflict.

Meanwhile the minister of humanitarian affairs, Albino Akol Atak told President Kiir that they have created transit centers for the returnees.

“We are now creating temporary transit centers for the returnees, before transporting them to their States of origin,” said Akol.

UN Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) stated that over 30,300 returnees and Sudanese refugees have crossed into the country since fighting broke out in Khartoum on 15 April.

Over 90 percent of those arriving are moving through Joda border crossing point in Renk, Upper Nile State.

The daily influx of population has significantly increased over the past four days with the highest figure being 4,264 registered on 27 April.

The fight in Sudan continues to prompt a wave of people to seek sanctuary in neighboring countries.

An estimate of 9.4 million people, 76 per cent of South Sudanese population, is projected to need humanitarian assistance and protection in 2023.

Before the crisis, South Sudan had 2.2 million internally displaced persons; over 1.4 million people identified as returnees.

Meanwhile, over 5.8 million residents are projected to have serious live-threatening needs and 337,000 are refugees.

In 2023, humanitarian partners are targeting 6.8 million people with urgent life-saving assistance and protection services.

On 2nd May 2023, the humanitarian response plan was reported as funded to the tune of 25 percent.

The Government and the UN have promised to work together to address the imminent humanitarian crisis in the country, as enormous numbers of people continue to escape the struggle in Sudan.

Humanitarian Minister and UN Chief in South Sudan on Wednesday informed President Kiir on the entry of returnees and refugees into South Sudan and their living conditions at the border areas.

Humanitarian Affairs Minister Albino Akol Atak says President Kiir has vowed full support to the returnees and refugees entering the country from Sudan.

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