Upper Nile University student commits suicide

By Ephraim Modi Duku Sokiri

A third-year student at Upper Nile University has committed suicide in Gudele, Juba city, over unclear circumstances.

Some sources claimed that the student identified as Winnie Mariba Dada took the unjust decision to end her life due to a denied pregnancy by a boyfriend.

A colleague to the deceased lady, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the incident to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

He however said the motives that triggered Mariba to end her life were unspecified.

“Actually, it’s very terrible! So we were informed that she had committed suicide on the first of this month and we heard about the news on the second day,” he said.

According to the source, they were still figuring out the reasons that compelled the deceased to act in a manner which still puzzles everyone.

“The reason behind her death is not known to us, her colleagues. We are still trying our best to get the real cause of her death,” he added.

Before her death, the girl who was a Medical student allegedly wrote a letter dedicated to her father, her two brothers and hinted about her death, associating it to an external factor.

“In the letter, she was saying that she has no problem with anyone at home, neither he father nor her two brothers but outside which she never specified,” the source explained.

Reacting to the bizarre case, activist and a musician, Siliman Musa Dima, popularly known as “Nicky Prince” of Hard life Avenue Star, said that most suicide cases occur due to lack people to trust.

“They lack people that they trust to guide them. They think they have no other options in life. They don’t see anyone around to support them with ideas on how to overcome challenges at hand,” he said.

According to Siliman, young people commit suicide at homes because of poor relationship and the difficult to share their problem among themselves.

He urged friends to help each other and stop stigmatization.

“If siblings have a good relationship, they easily share issues; it becomes easy for them to open up on what is troubling them,” said Siliman.

Siliman states that speaking out on anything troubling makes it easy to manage the situation because people offer solutions to the problem.

However, in 2020, South Sudan registered a total of four hundred and twenty-five deaths associated to suicide.

The latest World Health Organization (WHO) report of suicide cases ranks South Sudan at 120th position in the world.

Suicide is very dangerous and a leading cause of death for people aged between fifteen to forty-nine years, in South Sudan.

Many different factors contribute to people becoming suicidal while there are clear risks with many, “at-risk” group won’t attempt it.

Meanwhile, some people who die of suicide won’t have any risk factors.

Protecting ones mental health and that of others by sharing thoughts, is the best way to reduce suicide incidences.

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