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CES: Minister Nejua decries donor fund cuts on health

By Emelda Siama John Lopula

Central Equatoria state minister of health, Nejua Juma Marshal has decried decline in Health Pool Fund (HPF) saying out of a hundred previously supported health facilities, forty are now cut off.

The minister is now appealing to other health partners to rush to rescue the state and cover up the gap.

Nejua was meeting Central Equatoria state governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony with Health Pool Fund team leader, Mr. Mick Robson Obe and British embassy representative, Mrs. Elaina Davis.

The meeting aimed at briefing the governor on the general operation of hospitals supported by Health Pooled Fund and also seeks means to revive the health sector in the State.

Heath Pool Fund plans to reduce its direct support to some of the previously undertaken health facilities across the State following financial constraints from the donor funds.

Nejua said “it’s a big gap to the ministry” and she called for more support from other health partners to help the ministry realize its vision and mission.

“We call for more cooperation in this transitional period and continued cooperation with the ministry of health. The state ministry of health also calls on donors to cover the remaining gap,” Nejua said.

Meanwhile the health Advisor for the British Embassy-Juba, Mrs. Elaina Davis reiterated the Embassy’s readiness to continue supporting the Ministry in the nearby future once enough funds were secured.

“We are working to improve the health of children and mothers including the Al-Saba-hospital to increase funding. We can work together with the government of South Sudan to help with support,” Elaina said.

Health Pooled Fund representative, Mr. Mick Robson Obe affirmed commitment to work together with the Ministry in some other potential projects to improve healthcare system in the state.

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