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Cabinet brainstorms on political drip in Lakes, Jonglei states

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan Council of Ministers resolved to set-off Lakes and Jonglei States from political and administrative sickness impeding working relations between citizens and leaders in governments.

The resolution came following a report presented by the Vice President for Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, on governance and working relations with citizens in the two neighboring states.

The Minister of Information, Michael Makuei Lueth said the two states have been facing internal tribulations triggering political turmoil that required quick intervention from the national government.

He noted that time has come for the national government to act as the Vice President for Service Cluster has presented a number of findings that contributed to weaknesses.

“They had about 12 shortcomings found in lake state and made 10 recommendations that need to be introduced so that the state runs in the right direction,’’ the minister said.

The committee came with about 28 findings as shortcoming with 28 recommendations on Jonglei State that also needs to be corrected.

However, Minister Makuei did not disclose in detail what had prompted the national gov’t to conduct the assessment, but the two states have recently been facing a number of administrate issues.

In Jonglei state, teachers in public learning institutions both in primary and secondary schools have laid down their tools over alleged exploitation by the government.

According to Ruben Matiop, head of Jonglei State Teacher’s Union, the state Ministry of Education has failed to honor President Kiir’s directives to honor a new salary scale.

Furthermore, complaints also arose from some citizens from Jonglei concerning the full operation of the state governor, Denny Jok Chagor in Juba with rare concentration on the state matters.

Makuei said that the Cabinet has directed the leadership of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) to meet and present the Jonglei Saga before President Kiir for deliberations.

In Lakes State, according to Rumbek Town Council Mayor, Peter Maliap Chieny, the local administration demolished buildings erected on government property.

Maliap said that the exercise was a continuation of work that started last year but had halted because of rising insecurity in the region.

Ayen Makur Kulang, a businesswoman and a victim of demolition has accused the governor, Rin Tueny Mabor, for threatening her life on phone over the land dispute.

She claimed the land was allotted by the Rumbek local government, saying all the legal documents concerning ownership of the plot were available.

The governing strategy of the governor, Rin Tueny Mabor was believed to have been brutal and unfair to some people in the state.

However, Michael stated that the Council of Ministers shall be watchful over every affair of the Country to ensure that things move smoothly for peaceful co-existence of citizens.

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