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NBGs faces humanitarian crisis as over 11,000 war victims enter

By Bida Elly David

Northern Bahr-El-Ghazal state is facing serious humanitarian crisis as statistics for returnees and refugees increase to over 11,000 while huge number is still foreseen to arrive to the state.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, William Anyoun, the state minister of information said that majority of the population upon arrival are battling lack of food, medical and shelters for accommodation.

He said some humanitarian partners have not yet responded to the situation stating that the state government is the only source of little relief to the needy.

“The humanitarian situation is very bad completely. Some people are right under trees. Where they are is the river side. There are no latrines, as they are many, thus poising public health issues,” he said.

The minister stated that parts of Aweil East and North counties of the state have been affected, as a number of destitute population camped with high demands.

“In Aweil North are four locations that are entry points. We have returnees and the refugees in two main areas such as Kiir Adeim and Kiir Kangbek and in Aweil East we have a place called Majok Yith-Thiou that is a main road to Sudan with a camp of refugees bearing 28 households,” he said.

Minister Anyoun further echoed calls for the national government and humanitarian agencies to speedily intervene into the on-going crisis before it escalates to a worst stage.

“The situation is worsening as many are under trees and starving. We are urging them to quickly intervene into this situation,” Anyoun stated.

Meanwhile the minister of humanitarian Affairs said on Monday, during a press briefing in Juba that more than 50,000 returnees and refugees have crossed to South Sudan, the latest documented figures.

Albino Akol Atak stated that majority of those fleeing war in Sudan, to enter the country were South Sudanese returnees.

Mr. Akol said that his office coordinates with all the stakeholders and partners to take up the processes and serve the people who are in dire humanitarian needs.

He further disclosed that government and partners designed temporary shelters for those fleeing the war in Sudan, with a target of 180,000 people to be evacuated every month.

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