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NBGs: First term exams commence in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou

Education officials in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state (NBGs) have announced the start of term one examination in all the schools across the state.

One of the education supervisors, Deng Bol Dut said on Monday that they launched the examination to allow the pupil to go and prepare for the next term and some will go and help their parents in farming.

“We are giving the (students) examination to go and help their parents in farming and we are glad that they have learnt not like the period of the COVID-19 that affected the learning opportunities for them,” said Dut.

One student, Abuk Dut who is schooling at Amarjal primary school in Aweil East County said that some of their subjects have not been covered well.

“We are sitting for examination, but the challenge is that some subjects like C.R.E have not been covered well including Social studies,” she said, adding “I want to appeal to the teachers to speed up during the next term to at least cover some units,” she requested.

It is has become a public concern across the country among the teachers who complain of poor pay, and this is being faulted on lack of proper consideration on the plight of teachers.

The Ministry of Education has, of late, pledged to restructure the teachers’ pay but the approval is still being awaited from the parliament, which some say, is a slip of the tongue.

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