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NBGs forms committee to marshal funds for war escapees

By William Madouk

Northern Bahr El Ghazal state (NBGs) has formed a high-level committee and sub-committees to oversee, integrate and marshal resources for returnees and refugees entering the state.

In a gubernatorial order, Governor Tong Akeen established a 15-man high committee –dubbed as the ‘Sudan Crisis Border Management Taskforce’ to supervise people fleeing from Sudan’s war.

“I Tong Akeen Ngor, governor of Northern Bahr El Ghazal state, do hereby issue this gubernatorial order for the formation of High Committee for the Sudan Crisis Border Management,” partly reads the order.

The committee will be chaired by Governor Akeen, deputized by his deputy, Mr. Tong Lual Ayat and minister of Information appointed as Deputy Chairman Spokesperson for the taskforce.

While Chairperson for the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), Mr. Dut Majokdit is selected as a secretary and the rest are designated as members.

According to the directive, the established committee would formulate the vital activities, advocate for the peaceful living and gradual integration of returnees into the communities.

“The committee shall initiate and articulate the policies for the establishment of the refugees’ sites and to maintain cooperation with the host communities,” it added.

In addition, the taskforce would also conduct the fund-raising events and mobilize for funds, calling on well-wishers, non-governmental organizations to assist those fleeing war in Sudan.

High committee would hold a weekly sitting to appraise and monitor the influx of the people entering Aweil state from Sudan.

Mr. Akeen also cited that the committee would continue to coordinate with humanitarian workers to support war escapees with basics services.

In a separate order, Governor Akeen formed sub-committees comprising of 9-members in Aweil East, North, West and Center counties respectively.

Those sub-committees will be headed by commissioners of each respective county, deputized by County director for Social Welfare and RRC county director as the secretary.

Minister of Humanitarian Affairs & Disaster Management, Albino Akol Atak said their latest report revealed that more than 50,000 people including returnees and refugees have crossed to South Sudan.

He stated that majority of these war victims who have entered the country are South Sudanese returnees.

In April 15, the Sudan army disagreed with Rapid Support Forces over reintegration of the paramilitary RSF into the mainstream army, sparking violence in Khartoum.

The fighting eventually spread out to other states and towns, displacing hundreds of thousands of people from the country.

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