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Food poisoning leaves 6 children dead in Northern Bahr El Ghazal

By Hou Akot Hou

Health authorities in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state are alarmed by two reported cases of food poisoning that occurred in Aweil East and Center counties respectively.

Aweil state hospital medical director, Wol Wol Aken told the media that the first case of food poisoning was reported from Alok area in Aweil Center County.

Wol explained that a mother decided to go and collect edible leaves of trees to cook and consumed with her children after the family had spent four days without food.

“The mother collected leaves and prepared it. After eating it two children immediately passed on and three are being hospitalized” he narrated.

On a similar note, another family in Angot village of Aweil East County on Monday reportedly lost four children as a result of eating local food they prepared at their home.

Philip Chuor, a health officer at Malualkon hospital confirmed receiving reports of death of four children in Angot, a village in the highland area.

“The report emerged that the mother prepared a dry fish meal and when the family members tried to save themselves with it. It resulted in the death of four children,” Chuor narrated.

According to the health officer, the father and mother to the deceased children, who are under treatment, reported suffering from dizziness and unstable heart.

A little schoolgirl is among those hospitalized as health officials have taken samples to Juba for laboratory analysis to verify the cause of the deaths.

Last year, a similar case of food poisoning was reported in Aweil and some people faulted it on imported items and relief supplies which were brought from unknown countries.

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