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China donates 2,396 tons of rice to South Sudan

By Ephraim Modi Duku Sokiri

Chinese government has donated nearly 2,400 tons of rice to boost efforts of South Sudan government to respond to the growing humanitarian needs, effectively.

With the increasing influx of returnees and Sudanese refugees fleeing Sudan conflict, coupled with victims of internal violence, and natural disasters, South Sudanese faces overwhelming humanitarian catastrophe more than ever.

The situation calls for some emergency response from different humanitarian agencies, including aid from international community.

Chairperson of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), Manase Lomole Waya said the support provided by the People’s Republic of China has arrived at the right time.

“South Sudan is in dire need to help the big number of refugees and returnees from Sudan” he said.

He said some of the humanitarian needs are arising from natural disasters like the floods that caused displacement of masses in some areas of the country.

“We are finding misfortune of floods that devastated our country since 2019. It is important that the quantity of the China rice received today is 2,396 matrix tons,” Lomole said.

The rice will be distributed to the vulnerable population in the ten states and three administrative areas to ensure the donation reaches all levels in South Sudan, he stated.

“We will send 65 per cent of the rice to the states and three administrative areas, 25 per cent to returnees, 10 per cent will be for the most vulnerable people,” he outlined the distribution mechanism.

Lomole alluded that that the government committed itself to implement a restriction on further dealings in business or re-exporting the donated rice anywhere.

The RRC Chairperson appealed to other agencies as well as China to continue supporting the country in the humanitarian crisis facing South Sudan.

Chinese Ambassador to Juba, Ma Qiang, described South Sudan as “facing critical food insecurity” and tickled his audience with a proverb, before he handed over first batch of the donations, in Juba.

“As a Chinese old saying goes, “those who stand on their own will stand forever and those who help themselves will be helped by God,’” he said.

Today, China officially hands over nearly 2400 tons of humanitarian emergency food aid to South Sudan, hopping to bring hope and safety to our friends, he added.

The Ambassador revealed that China’s President Xi Jinping pointed out the direction of cooperation and proposed specific measures to support poverty reduction, [strengthen] agriculture and economic development, in Africa.

He assured that China will continue to back infrastructural development, expanding trade and investment between the two countries, jointly promoting the country’s economic recovery and growth.

South Sudan is one of the most vulnerable countries in the World, further hit by effects of climate change and consistent civil and political conflicts.

Therefore, the China’s framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation accelerates adaption to climate change and mitigates negative impact of natural disaster.

President Jinping proposed the Global Development initiative at the general debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2021 for a joint promotion of global development to a new stage of balance, coordination and inclusiveness, to the direction of building a China-Africa community for a shared future.

China and South Sudan are geographically thousands of miles apart; they have established diplomatic ties for more than 11 years now.




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