By Emelda Siama John Lopula

South Sudan Minister of Agriculture and Food Security has emphasized the need for government to prioritize Agriculture, to diversify economic growth and fight food insecurity, in the country.

Hon. Josephine Lagu was speaking on Friday 12 May 2023, during the launching of food safety association.

She commented that “food is life”, adding “none of us will live if we stop eating, having safe food is very important”.

According to the minister, the government is working very hard to ensure prioritizing Agriculture and all the other productive sectors of the economy so that the country doesn’t depend on oil as our only source of revenue.

She hinted South Sudan needs to diversify her economy through Agriculture.

However, she noted that it’s the mission of ministry of Agriculture to ensure that there is sufficient food to feed all the citizens in this country.

“It’s the business of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, stakeholders and your business that we should work to ensure that the food that is available to our consumers is safe,” she said.

South Sudan has a lot of potentials to produce and depend entirely on her own food than relying on imports from outside our country.

Minister Josephine noted that the citizens even have the capacity to produce food in excess to sell to the neighboring countries and beyond.



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